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We are proud to introduce the Vermend Rat Blocker:

We want to take this opportunity to familiarize you with the Vermend Rat Blocker.

This unique product is a new weapon in the arsenal available to pest control experts as well as the small business and home owner  . 

The Vermend Rat Blocker® is a revolutionary new product which prevents rats from entering buildings via the sewer system, while allowing the free flow of waste in the other direction. It is available in sizes for pipe diameters from 4 to 8 inches and can be made to order in any size. The Rat Blocker® is made of acid proof AISI 316 laser-cut stainless steel. It is an environmentally friendly device, with no need for any pesticides, and is extremely cost-effective. It provides a one-time solution to the hazard of rats coming up through the sewer system.

The Vermend Rat Blocker® has been rigorously tested by the Danish Technological Institute under tough and realistic conditions and has been approved for use in sewage pipes. The tests carried out included realistic set-ups with rats, toilet flush and flooded pipes. The Rat Blocker® has a built-in safety feature which makes it impossible for rats to pass through the blocker, while fragments from toilet flush flow through with no problem. Furthermore, it is specifically designed to have no flow-disturbing elements which ensures that any pressure loss is negligible.

The Vermend Rat Blocker® is very simple to install from above ground and is already in use in Europe in hospitals / restaurants / hotels / food processing factories / supermarkets and many other places where rat entry into buildings poses a health or hygiene risk.